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Monitoring the activity of WhatsApp contacts with 'WhatsApp-Monitor'

Monitoring the activity of WhatsApp contacts with 'WhatsApp-Monitor' Monitoring the activity of WhatsApp contacts with 'WhatsApp-Monitor' https://github.com/rizwansoaib/whatsapp-monitor

We can confidently say that OSINT tools for WhatsApp are limited both in terms of numbers and capabilities. That said, we stumbled across WhatsApp-Monitor out of pure chance and we were relatively impressed with the functionality of this tool. So, what is WhatsApp-Monitor? It is a Java-based tool that can be installed through an executable file and paired with your WhatsApp profile within a Windows, Debian and Mac operating system. At the same time, it can be used as a Google Chrome Extension or Mozilla Firefox Add-on. Additionally, the tool has the capability to provide Cross Platform Notifications on Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

So what can this tool do? In short, it is designed to log the session activity and duration of your WhatsApp contacts and allow you to monitor when they are online. Going further, the tool can then output activity logs as a csv, MS Excel file or PDF. The tool itself has no real limits in terms of the number of user sessions it can log, and it will continue to function for as long as your device is connected to the tool.

Deploying the tool is extraordinarily easy. The tool itself can be downloaded and installed from a single executable file onto your operating system. After installation, users can pair their device to it by scanning the unique QR code. By simply executing the capture session, the tool can then log the dates and times each time contacts go online. During our test, we saw no issues with regard to the installation and deployment of the tool. In fact, it was by far the most easiest we have used to date.

Overall, WhatsApp-Monitor is a neat tool that does exactly what it is meant to do.

However, our readers will no doubt be asking can it be used for? Unfortunately, we can only identify a couple of uses cases where this tool can be deemed of any use. For example, if a Digital Investigator has connected to their target using a burner phone, then this tool can most certainly be useful in terms of logging the activity of that same target. Alternatively, in the case where a mobile device has been officially seized, then this tool could also be used in order to expand the scope of an investigation.

That aside, it must be stressed that this tool only has a single capability. However, we firmly believe that it would immensely benefit from integrated analytical features which could allow Digital Investigators to visualise activity taking place on WhatsApp. We do know that there are several platforms that provide analysis of WhatsApp accounts, and in this case, we certainly believe that an integration of such features would go a very long way indeed.

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