OSINT Toolbox Talk: Extracting Facebook and Instagram user data, and verifying target user email addresses

OSINT Tool Review

Investigating and Analysing Twitter

tinfoleak: Twitter analysis tool tinfoleak: Twitter analysis tool https://github.com/vaguileradiaz/tinfoleak

Tinfoleak is a very impressive tool used to automate the extraction of information from Twitter and enable OSINT practitioners to conduct essential analysis against extracted data in addition to Twitter accounts. The tool is well equipped to scrape user accounts and Tweets within a set geolocation. The tool outputs a comprehensive report which includes the following key information:

  • Account info / User Activity / Protected Accounts / User Relations
  • Source Applications / User Devices / Use Frequency
  • Hashtags / Mentions / Likes
  • Text Analysis / Words Frequency / Media / Metadata
  • User Visited Places / User Routes / User Top Locations
  • Social Networks / Digital Identities
  • Geolocated Users / Tagged Users
  • Followers / Friends
  • Lists / Collections
  • Conversations

Installation of the tool is very straightforward on Python, the only time consuming and frustrating process is opening a Twitter Developer Account and obtaining API keys. Once the keys are assigned to the tinfoleak config file, the program is very straightforward to execute and deploy. The results of which are very impressive.

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