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Analysing YouTube comments with YouTube Comment Suite

Analysing YouTube comments with YouTube Comment Suite Analysing YouTube comments with YouTube Comment Suite https://github.com/mattwright324/youtube-comment-suite

YouTube Comment Suite is a Java-based application that enables Digital Investigators to aggregate user comments from YouTube videos, playlists and channels. The tool offers quite an effective capability when conducting investigations on YouTube. For example, YouTube online grooming remains an issue as more young people use the video-sharing platform to create video content. With this tool, Investigators can quickly and efficiently identify suspicious comments on videos. More importantly, the tool can allow you to group videos and continuously scrape for newer comments. Additionally, the tool provides actionable outputs by enabling you to search through a user’s comment history over single or multiple channels. The main features of the tool include:

  • An in-built search tool that allows you to search across the library of YouTube videos.
  • A video group management feature that provides an easy interface to add or remove videos from groups.
  • An effective search capability that enables you to search across comments by video, type, username, keyword, length, and date.
  • An export function that enables comments to be exported to JSON.
  • A comprehensive display that outputs statistics concerning individual videos including posts per week, most active posters, most popular posters.

Installing the tool is very easy. Users need to download and install Java 8 or higher to run YouTube Comment Suite. Once running, the tool is very self-explanatory and easy to use – certainly a must-have in my opinion!

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