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Advancing your email investigations using iKy

Advancing your email investigations using iKy Advancing your email investigations using iKy https://github.com/kennbroorg/iKy

At OS2INT, we only review the most impressive OSINT and Digital Investigations tools. However, for this article, we bring our readers something truly awesome – iKy – a heavyweight multi-framework tool that packs an enormous punch with its impressive frontend user interface in addition to its range of OSINT modules included within the framework. In short, iKy is a tool that collects information from an email and shows results in a nice visual interface. According to its Github repository and its own webpage, iKy was created as a Proof Of Concept for Ekoparty 2013. As interest in the tool increased, the developers released the source code intending to develop the tool even further.

The tool’s design is based on ngx-admin that is driven on an Angular 7 framework – making the user interface very fast and clean in the overall construction. The tool’s backend is written in Python whilst NodeJS is used to manage the source code. Generally, installing and deploying the tool from scratch is considerably quite complicated for novice OSINT’ers. However, the developers have gone the extra step to make the tool compatible with Docker – enabling users to quickly and effectively install and deploy the tool through the Docker interface. Once the tool is installed, users can configure a range of API keys from the following resources:

  • Fullcontact
  • PeopleDataLabs
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • HaveIBeenPwned
  • Emailrep.io
  • Leaklookup
  • Twitter
  • Spotify
  • Twitch

With the APIs configured, the tool can investigate email addresses and verify whether a target email address is associated with the aforementioned resources. What makes this tool even more powerful is its integration with other highly effective Email OSINT tools including Holehe, SocialScan and Sherlock. Going even further, the user interface presents the user with a link analysis-based visual interface for each target search. Adding to the tool’s analysis capabilities, another section of iKy allows comparisons to be made between Twitter accounts (with the possibility of repeating the same one) in different time periods.

We could spend all day writing about iKy and all of its awesome features, but we strongly feel that Digital Investigators should try out the tool themselves and make their own conclusion. This tool combines the powerful capabilities of three separate Email OSINT tools in addition to several advanced native search functions, then displays the results in a very neat analysis-focused user interface. Overall, this tool comes with our highest recommendation.

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