Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) training solutions provided by OS2INT in Europe, Africa and the Middle East

Social Media Intelligence

Automating the collection of targeted social media data and implementing essential investigation capabilities

Social media has become an important source of information for police, security and intelligence forces - reinforcing the need to develop effective means to collect and analyse valuable material

Social media has come to influence human activity and enable people to obtain information that would otherwise be difficult to obtain. Social media offers consolidated personal information, network connections, and multiple reports (status messages) over a given period of time - presenting a unique opportunity for Law Enforcement, Military, Government and Corporate organisations to efficiently obtain targeted data and information concerning threats and threat agents.

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We apply our insight and expertise to help you learn advanced techniques that will enable you to collect and process information and data from social media - effectively and efficiently

SOCMINT Foundation

Our SOCMINT Foundation training programme is designed to provide participants with a baseline level of knowledge of open-source data and information collection activities on social media through a blended combination of training delivery activities

Discover what you will learn
  • Understanding the Social Media Environment
  • Defining and Categorising Social Media Users
  • Legal Considerations for SOCMINT Activity
  • Collection, Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management (CCIRM)
  • Preparing the SOCMINT Environment
  • Configuring and Deploying SOCMINT Tools
  • Social Media Search Techniques
  • Data and Media Acquisition Techniques
  • Target Profiling

SOCMINT Advanced

Expert training that builds on the SOCMINT Foundation training programme by teaching participants how to apply advanced collection techniques, develop customised tools, then deploy them on social media

Discover what you will learn
  • Advanced SOCMINT Collection Covering:
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • TikTok
    • Reddit
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
    • VKontakte
    • Odnoklassniki
    • WeChat
    • Sina Weibo
    • Messaging Apps
    • Newsgroups, Imageboards and Blogging Platforms
  • Developing Effective Sock Puppets
  • Installing and Deploying Python SOCMINT Tools
  • Installing and Deploying SOCMINT Tools on Docker
  • Managing SOCMINT Toolboxes
  • Deploying Social Media Monitoring Interfaces
  • Searching and Extracting Media
  • Deploying Social Media Scrapers
  • Database Development and Management
  • Automating SOCMINT Collection
  • Visualising Intelligence

Social Media Investigations

Our Social Media Investigations capability development programme combines the SOCMINT Foundation and Advanced courses with customised training that enables effective investigation and evidence handling processes

Discover what you will learn
  • Planning and Managing Social Media Investigations
  • Investigation Roles and Monitoring
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations
  • Preparing the Investigations Environment
  • Sock Puppet Manoeuvring
  • Evidence Imaging and Hashing
  • Chain of Custody
  • Developing and Maintaining an Audit Log
  • SOCMINT Foundation Training
  • SOCMINT Advanced Training
  • Investigation Report Writing
  • Expert Witness Testimony

We ensure that our training programmes are a perfect fit for your organisation's needs, ensuring that participants receive instruction that is relevant to their individual training requirements