Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) training services in Europe

Open Source Intelligence

Enhancing and automating the discovery and collection of information from Open Sources

Police and security forces require effective OSINT to pursue criminal and terrorist threats. Meanwhile, corporate organisations can benefit from the timely identification of risks and opportunities.

We live in an ever-evolving information age where digital data and information drives communication and commerce in social, business and government life. Whilst the internet has boosted the availability of information and data, threats have also evolved to significant levels. Corporate, Law Enforcement, Government and Defence organisations, require advanced intelligence gathering and analysis capabilities to detect and monitor threats.

Credit: Social Analyzer by Qeeqbox, Holehe by Megadose & iKy by Kennbroog

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Training participants will receive the most informative and practical instruction, enabling them to develop and deploy advanced techniques to collect open-source data and information

OSINT Foundation

Introductory training that provides participants with essential skills including advanced OSINT searching techniques and Collection, Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management

Discover what you will learn
  • Defining and Categorising OSINT
  • Strategic, Operational and Tactical OSINT
  • Legal Considerations
  • Collection, Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management (CCIRM)
  • Preparing the OSINT Environment
  • Identifying and Managing OSINT Tools
  • Advanced Searching Techniques
  • Intelligence Database Management

Intelligence visualisation and data analysis tool by Gephi

Credit: Gephi

OSINT Advanced

We apply our proven expertise to deliver advanced OSINT training that enables our participants to build and deploy their own automated intelligence collection tools on the surface and dark web

Discover what you will learn
  • Installing and Using Python
  • Installing and Using Docker
  • Building Custom Search Interfaces
  • Identifying and Using Custom Search Interfaces
  • Searching and Extracting Media
  • Deploying Spiders and Scrapers
  • Database Configuration and Management
  • Automating Intelligence Collection on the Visible and Dark Web
  • Advanced Foreign Language Searching
  • Working With Cached Data and Information
  • Visualising Intelligence
  • Geo-Location Searching and Visualisation

Scrummage, an effective Email-focused Digital Investigation tool

Credit: Scrummage by Matamorphosis

Digital Investigations

Our Digital Investigations capability development programme combines the OSINT Foundation and Advanced training programmes with specialised tuition focusing on the processing and management of digital evidence

Discover what you will learn
  • Planning and Managing Digital Investigations
  • Investigation Monitoring
  • Legal Considerations
  • Preparing the Environment
  • Evidence Imaging and Hashing
  • Chain of Custody
  • Developing and Maintaining an Audit Log
  • OSINT Foundation Training
  • OSINT Advanced Training
  • Investigation Report Writing
  • Expert Witness Testimony

We offer our clients the utmost flexibility with regards to training delivery. Whether we are providing instruction in-person or remotely, we deliver effective programmes tailored to your specific needs